Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some pictures from the weekend :)

My Birthday List :):
Mini Heart Tag Earrings :)
8GB ipod touch
sunflowers with black centers :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nothing really to write about today, cleaned.. nothing exciting to happen!! Heres a few pictures for the day.

Monday, June 22, 2009

to do:

  1. buy a car
  2. paint my room blue because its supposed to be calm and im NEVER calm.
  3. new laptop
  4. go back to school in january

Hi :)!

First off ide like you to meet a couple people that are really special to me!

My boyfriend Ryan, he's my pride and joy and
makes me happier than anything in the world!

And my little guinea pig rufus :), hes like my little doggie

Also since its my first post & all and i have alot to say since i havent had one :), this is a bridal gown that i really like and i just want everyones opinion, it would be in white obviously, but it pretty closely fits what ide be lookin for!

So basically i feel pretty terrible. I brought up the issue of me spending the night at Ryans apartment and my parents were not happy, they didnt yell at me but they sounded really upset and my dad is really stressed out and i know its my fault. I wish they had a different view on it and would trust me to make my own decisions but they feel like its not appropriate so i guess i cant change the way they feel and im just gonna have to deal. Blah.

On a brighter note, well kind of. The other night some stupid shit happened, but today i found out that Ryan told one of mine and his friends that he loves me so much, and that he would do anything for me. She told me im lucky to have him and he really really loves me. Made me feel really good. And i AM really lucky to have him. We have been through SO much in this past year and he is still here right by my side and im so grateful for that. It really shows me that maybe we really are meant to be together & i need to just suck it up and realize that. Its hard for me though because of my anxiety, but its getting better

So, work was boring as usual, you know, no body coming in for like 3 hours, were all so bored we wanna cry and of course i just wanna go home :(, we already did what we needed to do today so we decided to have a little bit of fun :)!

lyndsie looking stunning as usual in an empire waisted gown
we see lyndsie again, expecting, in a beautiful gown that accents her stomach :)

here i am in a poofy rinestone encrusted veil

and heres the three of us with our veils and tiarra's